10th Annual Cobeen Swing-a-Thon

Residents at Marquette University’s Cobeen Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have once again shown their big hearts as they held their 10th Annual Swing- a -Thon to raise awareness for eating disorders. The Swing- a-Thon was held on April 28-29. A total of about 144 residents took turns swinging for 36 straight hours. Pledges were raised to help fund grants for individuals needing treatment at The Eating Disorder Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Cobeen hall is an all-girls residence hall, where body image is a topic that hits close to home for many girls. “Every single one of us here right now knows someone with an eating disorder,” explains one student. “This event is so important to bringing awareness to this horrible disease. With the funds we raise, if we are to able to help even one person, we’ve done our job!”t-shirt_4

This year the girls had special t-shirts made for the event. On the back of the shirt it says “Keep Calm and Love your Body “ which delivers a great message to anyone diagnosed with an eating disorder.

The students have raised nearly $1,000. Funds will be given to an individual in need of treatment at The Eating Disorder Center.

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