2018 wins in advocacy and awareness

Rogers Foundation is proud to support Rogers InHealth in advocating for and bringing awareness to issues surrounding mental health and addiction, including stigma. The work they are doing transcends beyond the here and now and will impact generations of lives tomorrow. Let’s take a moment to celebrate a few of their top 2018 wins:

Up to Me

Up to Me (formerly known as Honest, Open, Proud) is a community-based program to help people make strategic decisions about disclosing their mental health challenges.

This program has been adapted for teens, adults, parents/caretakers, sexual and gender minorities, survivors of suicide attempts, Veterans, as well as Tourette syndrome and associated Tic disorders.

In coordination with InHealth’s international partners, the following translations are now available: Spanish, German, Scottish, French, Dutch, Italian, Cantonese, Czech, and Hebrew.

266 facilitators were trained to deliver this program in such community-based locations as schools and youth serving organizations, bringing the total number of facilitators to 691.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of the program in reducing self-stigma, depression, and increasing self-esteem. Rogers is currently conducting a study with residential patients.

To make the program more widely accessible, an online classroom experience is in development.

Compassion Resilience

Compassion Resilience Toolkit is a program to help alleviate fatigue and increase compassion in order to better meet others’ needs.

The Toolkit has been adapted for professionals in the education sector as well as health and human services organizations. Teams of facilitators from schools, youth serving organizations, healthcare settings, faith communities, and more have been trained to implement the two-year program to increase compassion within their organizational cultures.

The Toolkit is currently being implemented on a system-wide basis throughout Rogers Behavioral Health.

Toolkits are free and available online for download at: compassionresiliencetoolkit.org. The site is averaging 10 sign-ups from around the country per day.

Demonstrate your willingness to be a safe person to those in need

This year, more than 9,000 individuals pledged their commitment to be a safe person for people with mental health and addiction challenges by requesting a decal online or picking one up at a conference or training session.

Displaying the Safe Person decal indicates your desire to be a safe person for others. In doing so, you promise to listen and support by observing these 7 Promises:

  1. Acknowledge that reaching out for support is a strength.
  2. Listen and react non-judgmentally.
  3. Respond in a calm and reassuring manner.
  4. Reflect back the feelings, strength, ideas I hear when listening.
  5. Ask how I can be helpful and respond as I’m able.
  6. Do what I can to connect to other supports if asked.
  7. Maintain confidentiality and communicate if exceptions exist.

Order your FREE decal, download the decal, watch the 7 Promises in action as demonstrated by high school students, and learn more about how you can be a safe supportive person. Go to wisewisconsin.org/safeperson.