Making the Holidays Special for Patients

“I have worked in the admissions department at Rogers Memorial Hospital since March 2008. One day, I had completed a patient’s screening over the phone. This person felt hopeless. After initially resisting our help, he finally came. While here, he reached a milestone birthday, so I decided I would bring him a dessert and card from myself. He told me that was the nicest thing anyone had done for him in years. He told me that he was in such a better place mentally and was so grateful for our hospital.

Ever since this happened, I try to make birthdays and holidays more special for our patients. I know it can mean so much for them to feel that someone cares about them. I work at Rogers because I want to help those who are struggling with mental health disease and substance abuse. I also choose to volunteer on my own as another way to show patients that we truly care. Helping the Foundation collect donations for Christmas is one example of how I can personally show my support.”

Lauree Madson

Thank you to Lauree Madson for going above and beyond to help make life worth living for patients at Rogers. In addition to her personal donations, she received many beautiful hats and gloves from the Waukesha North High School Key Club, as well as stuffed animals and books from fellow staff members at the Rogers Call Center. Lauree also helped collect donations from the Milwaukee Bucks and the Oconomowoc Junior Woman’s Club.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Foundation’s “Give for a Better Day” holiday drive! Your support brings with it the priceless gift of SMILES to children and teens at Rogers!