A Big Thanks to Donna and Her MSOE Team for Generous Donations!

We would like to thank Rogers’ Health and Wellness Coordinator Donna Hassan and her team Chris Getter, Tony Fuger, Dwight Fameree, Kimberly Fischer and Mindy Davies for taking the initiative to create a mini-drive tied to our annual “Give For A Better Day” campaign.

Donna, along with her team, put this drive together because of a servant leadership project at MSOE, where she is currently pursuing her MSN and MBA. The drive was held October 19 through October 23. Around $150.00 as well as a plentiful amount of toys and stuffed animals had been donated in response to the mini-drive that took place at the MSOE campus.


We invite you to do your own drive this holiday season! For more information or ideas take a look at our wishlist.