Angel Fund Assists in Gaining Educational Supports for Teen

Dear Rogers Foundation,

A huge thank you from the treatment team at the Adolescent Center for helping one of our patients with an Angel Fund gift to help fund academic placement testing, as well as learning disability and other screenings. The family appeared surprised at the gift. In fact, they refused it at first. It was only after assuring them that there were people eager to help families in situations like these that they accepted it.

The results of the testing affirmed our concerns regarding the patient’s ability to understand the cognitive aspects of treatment. This information should help considerably with the mother’s request for an individualized education program (IEP) and additional support services at school, which we believe will be essential to the teen’s future success.

Once again, the Adolescent Center has benefited from the Foundation’s efforts to provide funding options where none would otherwise exist!

The work you do is greatly appreciated, and without question your team has positively impacted the lives of a family who has already had more than their share of adversity.

Thank you for all you do!

Stephen Hoffman, Primary Therapist
Adolescent Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital