Mackenzie gives back with gifts of knowledge

Mackenzie spent the holidays of 2021 as a resident within the OCD and Anxiety program at Rogers Behavioral Health. While others were gathering with family and friends, Mackenzie remained focused on her journey to recovery from OCD symptoms. Prior to arriving, she spent two years of her life isolating in her bedroom.

“My symptoms were so severe, I found myself entering my home through my bedroom window,” Mackenzie explained. “Today, thanks to Rogers and my outpatient therapist, I can walk into my home through the front door again.

Mackenzie has since returned to her role as a Registered Nurse stating,

“My experiences with OCD have given me a newfound appreciation for my patients, especially regarding their mental health, and the things that they may not speak about.

It is my goal to return to school to become a therapist, so that I can work alongside others suffering from OCD. No one should feel that living with OCD is a life sentence, no matter how all-consuming their symptoms have become.”

This holiday season Mackenzie decided to show her gratitude by participating in Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s Holiday Gift Drive. Her desire to take part in the drive was above and beyond the ordinary, as the gifts she chose carried a personal touch. They included a variety of books and workbooks about OCD that she found particularly helpful in her own recovery.

“I wanted to include items that I felt residents in the program could use during their time at Rogers. Reading others’ stories and experiences with OCD has helped me recognize that I’m not alone.

I know how isolating it can feel being in treatment during this time of year, especially when suffering from an illness as debilitating as OCD. It is my hope that these gifts may bring the residents joy, as well as hope that they can get better—even when their OCD has convinced them otherwise,” said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie’s gifts and words are a testament to the ultimate act of giving from the heart!