It’s No Trick! Trustmark’s Halloween Treats Raise Money For Gift Giving

Pictured: Kelly and her daughter, Adrianna, who’s treatment at Rogers inspired the community fundraising and awareness event.

Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions spread out a “monstrous” assortment of delicious cookies, brownies and more during a Halloween bake/appetizer sale that raised $200 for the purchase of gifts for children and adolescents who are in residential treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health over the holidays.

Trustmark data analyst Kelley Hamann had a personal reason for spearheading the charity drive for the company – her own daughter received care at Rogers after a mental health crisis.

“Rogers Memorial Hospital was there for my family when my daughter experienced her first psychotic episode in 2014,” explained Hamann in a personal email to her Trustmark coworkers. “Her initial two-week hospitalization brought meaning back into an otherwise very chaotic time in our lives. I can confidently say Rogers played a key role in my daughter’s mental health recovery.”

The sales from the bake/appetizer sale have been used to purchase gift items like coloring books, fuzzy socks, and gift cards for children and teens that remain at Rogers, working on their recovery over the holidays. Thank you Trustmark for your generosity!