These are a few of our favorite things (part 2): A night with one handwashing

Dear Friend,

In the US, approximately one in every 40 adults has obsessive-compulsive disorder. The average age of onset is 19 years old, with 25% of cases occurring by age 14. Despite its prevalence, only about one third of people will seek treatment for mental health challenges. But we don’t need to tell Ryan about the importance of asking for help. He already knows.

When Ryan came to Rogers, he was washing his hands 40+ times a day. A few nights before he was to return home, it was down to once. Ryan attributes the progress he made to the grant he received from Rogers Foundation, which allowed him additional time to work with his treatment team and feel confident about his ongoing recovery process. Read Ryan’s note of thanks along with insights from Dr. Vikram Gopal, child and adolescent psychiatrist, about the clinical gains he made during treatment.  >>

With you by our side, we can save the lives of individuals like Ryan who struggle with mental health challenges, we can increase access to evidence-based treatment programs at Rogers Behavioral Health, and we can stop children and their families from hiding due to stigma and shame.

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  • build facilities that instill dignity and respect to those brave enough to speak up and seek help
  • join together with like-minded people who want to give the gift of a better day

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