Principles of kindness and care abound at Wagner

When Wagner’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Committee made the decision to participate in Rogers Foundation’s Holiday Gift Drive, CEO Bob Wagner was delighted.

“While we, as a company, have a long history of giving back to our community through service and goods, the selection this year came by way of our ESOP Committee decision and action,” he explained. “Since the creation of the ESOP, my desire has been for companywide engagement in returning some of our blessings to our community.”

The effort started when a Wagner employee approached the ESOP Committee with the suggestion that the company participate in Rogers Gift Drive. Throughout November, employees embraced the effort by purchasing gifts for Rogers’ patients.

“Multiple people came up to me to ensure that they buy the right gifts,” said JeAnn Hiraldo who coordinated the Drive. “The excitement people showed when they placed their gifts in the Gift Drive box was rewarding to watch.”

With a legacy that stretches all the way back to 1850, the current success Wagner is a testament to the fundamental principles and products it was founded upon so many years ago. In turn, employees enthusiasm for Rogers Foundation’s Holiday Gift Drive was a testament to the principles of kindness and care.