Rogers’ Health Information and Patient Financial Services Departments Create Visions of Joy

Just like Santa needs help on his big night, Rogers Behavioral Health, too, has a full army of behind-the-scenes employees who assist our clinical staff in providing excellent care, even if patients never meet them.

Staff members in the health information and patient financial services departments are well aware of the many challenges families can face when seeking mental healthcare. They decided to participate in the holiday drive this year after hearing poignant stories of young patients’ jubilation upon receiving gifts during holidays, some of whom would not otherwise receive gifts at home. Stories also include children who take their gift home, still wrapped, to share with siblings who don’t receive one of their own.

“Most of us are parents and hearing these stories really pulled at our heartstrings,” reported Jacque Freeman, Manager of Patient Financial Services. “We needed no more motivation to do a gift drive after that! Knowing how many children we serve at our facilities, we wanted to make a difference.”

The departments held a festive potluck and a Secret Santa week that raised $1,125. While the efforts of these support departments may sometimes go unseen by patients, their compassion came through as visions of joy and happiness this holiday! Thank you!