Rogers Helps Restore Mental Health and Wellness to Twin Cities Area


Dr. Tracey Lichner, PhD

In May of 2016, Rogers Behavioral Health welcomed its fourth regional outpatient clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, providing care for adults, teens and children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders, as well as adults with mood disorders.

“The clinic has been very well received by individuals, as well as other providers in the area,” says Jason Russell, director of operations at Rogers Behavioral Health–Minneapolis. “Our adult partial hospitalization program for OCD and anxiety has been full from almost day one.”

Tracey Lichner, PhD, LP, clinical director, explains that it’s because of our specialty programming and targeted, individualized approach in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that we have been able to differentiate ourselves from other providers in the area and provide an additional option for individuals who may further benefit from this type of approach.

Patients at the Minneapolis clinic, whose personal resources and insurance coverage are limited, may qualify for free treatment as a part of the Foundation’s Patient Care Grant program. Dr. Lichner recalls one such patient who suffered terribly from OCD for decades, “After attending our program, the patient would tell you that they are no longer controlled by their symptoms, and that it is nothing short of a miracle.”

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