Rogers proudly supports biathlete and eating disorder survivor Paul Schommer on quest for Olympics

Ten years ago, at the age of 15, young sports enthusiast Paul Schommer found himself in a race against time when his father passed away unexpectedly and his battle with anorexia began spiraling out of control. After being hospitalized with a low heart rate due to emaciation and several more months of unsuccessful therapy sessions, his doctor recommended he receive round-the-clock, residential treatment at the Eating Disorder Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital. At the time, Paul never thought he would compete as an athlete again.

Little did Paul know what life would have in store for him after leaving Rogers three months later. With his eating disorder under control, Paul was free to discover new interests, such as cross country skiing. Paul explains, “What started out as a hobby to help me cope with life turned into a passion, which eventually lead me to biathlon, a sport combining cross country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Upon graduating from college, I began a full-time career as a biathlete with a dream of one day representing our country at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.”

Today, Rogers Behavioral Health is proud to support Paul on a new race against time. This one, for gold. As Paul says,

I am excited to work with Rogers Memorial Hospital to let others know there is hope, and that no matter what they have done or gone through, there are great things in store for them.

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Racing from stigma and shooting for gold: Biathlete and eating disorder survivor Paul Schommer sets sites on Olympics