Rogers’ recruiting team from Cielo pays it forward

Spread it out. Measure. Cut. Tie. Making a fleece tie blanket is such an easy – and fun – activity to do with friends, family, and yes, even co-workers. And it’s safe to say that Rogers Behavioral Health’s recruitment team from Cielo would agree. Recently, the eight-member team got together and made 40 fleece-tie blankets for patients at Rogers.

“We believe in the mission, and we wanted to do our part to help patients,” said Laurie Schmidt, member of the recruiting team. “When I proposed the idea about the blankets to Cielo, they graciously donated the fleece for this purpose. We hope the individuals who receive them feel the care and compassion from which they were made.”

While the concept of making a fleece-tie blanket is simple, the benefits for a child going through treatment for a mental health disorder are a little more complex. After all, they don’t call them “security blankets” for no reason. They are not only a source of comfort for Rogers’ patients, but they also provide many therapeutic benefits. For a child suffering from trauma, a small, soft blanket can provide them with a grounding experience and sensory input they need to help them keep their emotions from getting out of control.

Often times, kids will hold the blankets throughout their entire group therapy session, and then take them wherever they go. They are especially nice to have when the children need to leave the room to take a break when things get too overwhelming for them. At the end of treatment, it becomes a transitional object. At home, it reminds them of their experience and all the things they learned while in treatment.

Thank you, Cielo, for “paying it forward” for patients at Rogers!

Cielo’s recruitment team for Rogers Behavioral Health proudly present 40 fleece-tie blankets to members of Rogers’ administrative staff

  • Front row: Taylor Blake*, Allyson Rush*, and Vanessa Tomlinson*
  • Back row: Jim Kubicek, Scott Johnson, Paul Mueller, Laurie Schmidt*, Arnie Stueber, Amy Koehler*, Christina Foster*, Lynn Arts*, Brian Kramer, Caroline McHale, Angie Crawford, Elizabeth Gilbert

*denotes members of the recruitment team from Cielo

Please join us in our mission to support children, teens and adults with mental health or addiction challenges. Give someone going through treatment at Rogers the gift of a warm hug by coordinating your own fleece tie blanket event.

Not sure how to get started? Take the next step by downloading the MyRogers Community Sponsored Event Proposal Packet and learn how to make a fleece tie blanket.

Contact Laura Miller or go to MyRogers for more information.