Rogers staff brings mission to life at Rogers Golf Classic

Thanks to Rogers staff for donating their time and talents to help the 22nd Annual Rogers Golf Classic raise a record $113,000 for patients in need of financial assistance!

More than a dozen staff members came out to lend their support at the Rogers Golf Classic held on July 17, 2017 at The Legend at Bristlecone, Hartland. From registering more than 136 guests, to overseeing hole events, to lending a helping hand, golfers knew they were supporting a world-class organization that truly believes in providing mental health and wellness to all!

“The event is well organized and the staff and volunteers are always seen with a smile and an offer to help,” said David Jacobi, PhD, behavioral specialist clinical supervisor, “That sort of enthusiasm carries over to the golfers. All day long, I hear laughter, see smiles, and of course observe some good natured competiveness among our golfers.”

Heather Jones, PhD, supervising psychologist, noted the importance of volunteering to ensure the financial success of such an event, but also stated, “…the Foundation’s events provide opportunities for our organization to bring members of the community together as allies in our efforts to reduce the stigma that prevents many people from seeking help they need.

To help reduce stigma and bring the mission to the forefront of the golfers’ minds, the Foundation created five interactive ways for golfers to learn about mental health issues and to be a part of therapeutic experiences offered at Rogers. They included:

  • Hole #2 – Overcoming Body Distortion: A body distortion mirror was set on the course to simulate what an individual with an eating disorder may see in their reflection.
  • Hole #7 – Yoga and Mindfulness: As golfers waited to tee off, a recreational therapist was there to lead them through a series of stretching and mindfulness exercises.
  • Hole #10 – Art Therapy: An art therapist was on hand to encourage golfers to get in touch with their emotions by drawing what they were feeling at that moment.
  • Hole #11 – Moving Beyond a Singular Focus: A mannequin was set up with blinders around its eyes to represent how it’s difficult for someone with OCD to focus on what lies beyond their narrow focus of attention.
  • Hole #17  – Therapy Dog: Several of our furry friends were on the course with tails wagging to provide a calming atmosphere before golfers hit their next shot.

While educational in many ways, a good percentage of the guests on the course knew all too well the devastating effects of mental health issues. As Heather Jones explained, “One might presume that our generous participants have not experienced the hardships of a mental health issue. It is often unexpected and certainly humbling to hear our participants describe their own experiences with mental health, whether it be a personal battle or that of a close family member or friend.”

The evening concluded with a special program featuring the PTSD program, along with words of inspiration from Kristy, a former patient and patient care grant recipient, who shared her story of courage and strength as she faced her fears throughout treatment. Alicen Kappelman, regional purchasing agent at Rogers, summed it up perfectly when she said, “This year’s program really stood out to me. The speech given by the former patient and employee was so moving! She really opened up and let the room know what she went through, how hard it was, and how much the foundation really did save her life!”

Check out some photos from the days events