Stop. Can you feel change happening?

Can you feel it?
It’s a beat of the heart before trying something new. It’s a tingle of surprise before bursting into laughter. It’s a sting of emotion before crying tears of joy.

Can you feel it?
At Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, it’s a flutter of hope before springing into action. We are on a mission to raise support that will help advance treatment, education, advocacy and research on behalf of children, teens and adults with mental health or addiction challenges.

Change starts here. For you. For me. And for the one-in-four people who will struggle with a mental health disorder this year.

Theresa was born a happy child, but she wasn’t always happy with her looks. In 8th grade, her attempt to lose a few pounds got out of control quickly. Her parents tried everything to help, but she continued to slip away. Then, they found Rogers, and they watched as their happy child slowly came back to them, piece by piece.

Smile along with Theresa as she shares her “happy ending.”

Dear Friend,
It only takes one person to express how they feel about their mental health or addiction challenge, and another person’s heart to be moved, to begin to shatter the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. Without fear or shame, more people will have the courage to seek help. Change is happening, but we still have a long way to go.
Rogers Foundation works with supporters like you to save the lives of those affected by mental health challenges. Together, we can:
  • reduce stigma by giving a voice to recovery,
  • provide free treatment for families in need,
  • influence the course of mental health through research and outcome studies,
  • ensure accessibility to the latest technology, and
  • build facilities that instill dignity and respect to those brave enough to speak up and seek help.

Can you feel it? It’s an aching need for change that is getting stronger by the minute, growing deeper into our hearts and minds until we can no longer ignore it.

Please, will you help us save more lives this year than ever before?

Join us by making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to Rogers Foundation. Together, we can continue to make change happen!