The Dorns leave behind legacy of health and wellness

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

Mac and Sue Dorn are two people whose giving hearts will be forever woven into the lives of patients and staff at Rogers Behavioral Health. After 24 years of serving in various capacities at Rogers, Mac is officially retiring from his final position as Vice President and Treasurer of Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors. He and Sue have been active and vocal proponents of mental health and wellness throughout this time, drawing their passion from the prevalence of mental health and addiction challenges in society and Rogers’ ability to meet these needs.

Sue, who has volunteered on the Foundation’s event planning committees over the years, says that she has most enjoyed getting to know genuinely nice people – people who demonstrate selfless strength and commitment to individuals seeking treatment at Rogers.

For Mac, he attributes his insider’s view of Rogers as his source of inspiration over the years. “Being on the board, we hear a lot of stories. There are heart-wrenching stories about lack of insurance coverage, inspiring stories of heroic strength and courage, and moving stories of lives saved as a result of the work we’re doing. It’s because of these real-life stories why I have chosen to dedicate myself to this mission for more than two decades.”

While Mac and Sue may be retiring from service, their story is far from over. This past fall, they became a part of the Dr. Arthur and Theresa Rogers Legacy Society for their decision to include Rogers Foundation as a beneficiary of their trust. “There are a lot of people who don’t want to think about the end of life,” Mac explained, “But we believe in planning for the future and making an impact on something that will extend well beyond our years.”

Indeed, their legacy will be woven into the lives of countless individuals who receive the gift of free treatment as a result of the Mac and Sue Endowment Fund.

We thank Mac and Sue for their steadfast leadership and valued friendship throughout the years!