Two Thumbs Up: Carter’s Ready to Go Home

krumal-1Carter was born with a congenital heart defect and has had to endure many surgeries in life. An anxious child, the ongoing stress from being sick seemed to overwhelm him. In first grade, he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We were managing it at home when his younger brother was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, and his father, Tim was diagnosed with cancer. Carter declined rapidly. For several years, he bounced around from psychiatrists to psychologists to neurologists. With Tim on disability and Carter now suicidal, our family was falling apart. Nobody slept, we were completely overwhelmed.

Finally, a doctor at the University of San Francisco recommended Rogers. Carter was more than ready for help and prepared to go. After months of insurance research and church and friend fundraisers, we made it! Once stepping foot onto Rogers’ property, a sense of peace overcame us all. We knew it was the right place. He was getting better and really beginning to apply what he was learning when our funding ran out. Just when we thought he would need to come home, the Foundation stepped in and allowed Carter to complete his treatment.

When I got that call, I literally fell on the floor in relief!

A few weeks later, he was ready to come home. He was so excited! I remember walking through the airport nervously when he looked at me and exclaimed with a hug, “Mom, it’s OK! I’m REALLY OK!” And then he laughed…and I cried! The son who had once needed all my care was now taking care of me.