How your cell phone could help treat depression

An estimated 20% of the US will experience clinical depression during their lives—but not everyone has the means to seek treatment.

Listen to a recent broadcast of Lake Effect (WUWM – Milwaukee Public Radio) to hear Dr. Halverson, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Riemann, Chief Clinical Officer, explain how Rogers is exploring ways to make treatment more accessible by using a cell phone app.

Struggling with depression? Participate in a clinical research study
Depression makes it difficult for people to be hopeful and focus on the positive side of situations, or even find a desire to participate in activities they once enjoyed. Rogers Behavioral Health’s clinical research study for adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) may offer some relief.

Learn more about the study.
To participate, fill out the interest form or call us at 414-865-2600.

The study is funded through private donations to Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation.