About Us: Rogers Behavioral Health

Rogers Behavioral Health System

Providing lifesaving mental health treatment for more than 115 years.

Building on the foundation of the 110-year-old Rogers Memorial Hospital, Rogers Behavioral Health System was created in 2008. As a diversified behavioral healthcare system, we are charting a course to realize the system vision: to deliver the highest quality behavioral health services with the best outcomes in the United States.

With our roots as a premier provider of behavioral healthcare services, the system has grown to include key corporations that fulfill needs for philanthropy, management, education, research, and training:

  • Rogers Behavioral Health System offers nationally recognized, specialized programs known for their effectiveness in treating children, teens, and adults with OCD and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as addiction.

  • Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation raises philanthropic support to ensure the future of the hospital as it provides effective treatment for those suffering from mental illness.

Rogers Behavioral Health System believes our commitment to excellence shows in the positive impact we see in those we serve and the impact on the community overall. As stewards of our more than century-old mission, we take pride in doing what is right in patient care, organizational and financial practices, and in creating a culture of care and philanthropy throughout the organization.

Learn more about mental health and addiction challenges and the work of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation on our YouTube channel.