Lauren’s tips on being a friend to a teen with depression

Lauren Roskopf, a senior at Brookfield Central High School, decided to make a difference as she works towards her Girl Scout Gold Award by creating an informational brochure for teens about how to talk to a friend with depression.

I chose this project because of my personal experience with this topic and how hard it was for me to have a friend suffering from depression.”

Lauren took this difficulty in talking to her friend as an opportunity to help others who may be struggling with this same issue. Also included in the pamphlet is a section on how to take care of yourself at the same time you’re caring for your friend. As Lauren explains, “I feel the second part of this topic isn’t covered as much for friends, even though it’s very important.”

Within the pamphlet, you’ll find ideas on things to say to a friend struggling with depression, tips on how to be there for your friend, self care ideas and facts, how to calm worry, as well as other valuable information.

“It would be amazing if this resource could be given to teens or their parents…I wish I had this resource to guide me along my journey with my friend.”

Download the brochure here: Being a friend to a teen with depression

Looking for more information about this topic? Here is another resource from Rogers Behavioral Health:
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