Open your eyes. Can you see change happening?

Can you see it?
It’s a bird spreading its wings before it takes flight. It’s a sunflower tilting its face toward the morning sun. It’s a tiny bud before the bloom of color.

Can you see it?
At Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, it’s a a note of thanks once shared as “anonymous” that has evolved into a library of stories featuring the names and faces of people advocating for recovery.

Change starts here. Inside you. Inside me. And inside each person whose life will be saved as a result of the 1,000+ days of free treatment provided by Rogers Foundation this year.

When Daniel was 15, Karen feared that she had forever lost the son she once knew. Almost overnight, her once happy-go-lucky child morphed into a completely different being. As Karen explains, “For lack of a better way to describe it, it was as if an alien came out of nowhere, taking over his body and mind.”

Watch as Karen describes their battle with OCD and Tourette’s syndrome, and how we were there to help. >>

Dear Friend,

It only takes one person to stand up for recovery, and another to witness it, to begin to shatter the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. Without fear or shame, more people will have the courage to seek help. Change is happening, but we still have a long way to go.

Rogers Foundation works with supporters like you to save the lives of those affected by mental health challenges. Together, we can:

  • reduce stigma by giving a voice to recovery,
  • provide free treatment for families in need,
  • influence the course of mental health through research and outcome studies,
  • ensure accessibility to the latest technology, and
  • build facilities that instill dignity and respect to those brave enough to speak up and seek help.

Can you see it? It’s a ray of light on the horizon before the sun shines brightly on a world of change.

Please, will you help us save more lives this year than ever before by speaking up and showing your support? Together, we can continue to make change happen! Join us by making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to Rogers Foundation.

You can find more information about how we are making on impact on our website.