Yes! I believe increased access to specialized care can save lives.

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Only about 35% of the nation’s mental health treatment needs are being met. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, considering that nearly 60% of all US counties do not have a single psychiatrist, according to the American Medical Association.

Access to quality care can be a real struggle for individuals and families, as the demand for specialized care exceeds available resources. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can be debilitating, and the lack of appropriate treatment options has been known to contribute to rising rates of homelessness, emergency room overcrowding, and use of jails and prisons as de-facto psychiatric hospitals.

Read below how Rogers Behavioral Health is responding to the demand by expanding its specialized treatment programs locally and across the country. This expansion effort is supported in part by financial contributions from grateful friends who understand the value of having evidence-based mental health treatment readily accessible.

Will you please help? Make your year-end gift to Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation if you believe that increasing access to quality treatment in under-served areas of the country can save lives!

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Rogers Behavioral Health responds to the need for increased access to quality care

Rogers is expanding its specialized programming and opening clinics in under-served areas around the country, allowing individuals and families greater accessibility to our services. Today, Rogers features 17 treatment locations in seven states with additional locations in the planning stages.

While the majority of our services are located at our primary campus in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Rogers’ reach is expanding outward, treating more and more children, teens, and adults who may not otherwise have had access to specialized treatment services.

In 2014, Rogers’ total patient days of service totaled 131,000, with almost all of those days located in Wisconsin. By the end of 2019, we anticipate our patient days of service to increase to approximately 314,000, with 23% of those days coming from outside Wisconsin. We expect this trend to continue as our programs expand nationally.

It’s important to note that having greater access to care is one thing, but having greater access to Rogers’ specialized, intensive care known for its successful outcomes is another thing completely. After all, the point of accessing care is to get better.

And, outcomes studies at Rogers tell us that people are getting better. The latest statistics show that 91% of our patients improved (minimally, much, or very much) over the course of their stay as indicated by the clinical effectiveness (CGI) score.

You can help bring Rogers’ specialized services closer to home! The expansion of clinics and programming is supported by financial contributions from grateful friends who understand the value of having evidence-based mental health treatment readily accessible. Your gift saves lives!