Ellenbecker Investment Group invests in the future through gift drive

Investing for the future is more than the core business of Ellenbecker Investment Group, Inc. – it’s also a way of life for its leaders and employees. For over a decade, President Julie Ellenbecker-Lipsky has been a strong supporter of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation.  The Pewaukee-based company has participated in the holiday gift drive ever since it formally began!

Throughout the year, the Ellenbecker staff watches for sales to stretch their donation dollars as far as they can go – no surprise from financial advisors skilled in money management! This November, the gifts, once again, were piled high. Stuffed animals, superhero action figures, cars, sticker books, and many more items were delivered to patients who are away from home so they could still experience some holiday cheer.

“We are so proud of the impact this holiday drive has on the children who spend the holidays at Rogers Behavioral Health,” said Wendy Bitter, Director of Marketing. “Philanthropy is a core value of our firm. We know that children receiving treatment are working very hard to heal their lives, and we feel that every little bit we can do as a firm to provide happiness and relieve pressure on the patients and their families is an amazing team effort.”

Thank you Ellenbecker Investment Group for your long-standing support and generosity!