Together we can make a difference and save lives.

How to Help

Let’s change the course of mental health and addiction challenges

Research. Awareness. Education. Activism. Encouragement. Hope. You have the power to save lives!

By standing up in the fight against mental health and addiction challenges, you are telling the world that there is no place in this world for stigma. There is hope. By donating your time and resources, you are telling those in need that you support them. They are not alone. Together, we can make a difference! We invite you to explore the many ways that you give, attend, fundraise, and advocate for the patients at Rogers.

Be a champion for mental health


There are many ways to help patients at Rogers. We invite you to learn more about immediate and future giving opportunities.  


The Foundation hosts special events to create awareness of mental health issues and raise funds for the patients and programs at Rogers. Learn more.


Creating your own fundraising and awareness event is a way for you to advocate for those in need. The Foundation can help. Learn more.


The most effective way to reduce stigma is to know someone with a lived experience of mental health challenges and be an advocate.

Learn more about mental health and addiction challenges and the work of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation on our YouTube channel.