Inside Rogers: compassion in action, emergency fund, telehealth and more

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how Rogers Behavioral Health and the Foundation are responding to COVID-19. Please read on to discover some new initiatives and helpful resources created to help our patients, families, employees, and communities through this time.

Our response

As an essential component in the health care delivery system, Rogers is following CDC recommendations for healthcare facilities, rather than general social guidelines. We are operating under emergency conditions and are taking the necessary steps to provide care under these conditions.

Seven days a week, sometimes twice a day, our emergency management team safely convenes to discuss every facet of care throughout the system. Here are just a few strategies implemented to ensure continued access to Rogers’ specialized, evidence-based behavioral health care.


Rogers is proud to introduce Rogers Connect Care, a telehealth treatment option now being offered in every intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization program at all 17 clinic locations across the country. Nearly 800 individuals are participating in the telehealth option.

Treatment through Connect Care contains the same evidence-based, clinically proven methods (CBT, DBT) as Rogers’ in-person programs and includes a combination of individual and group therapy, psychiatry appointments, and personalized skills application.

Patients report that Connect Care is helping them make strong connections between the skills they have learned in the clinic and the ‘real life’ setting that telehealth provides at home.

Emergency Fund

The Foundation has created a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to assist current patients, families, programs, departments, and clinics during the pandemic. The fund will help mitigate financial effects of the crisis by providing support in the forms of goods, services, gift cards, or other.

For example, the Foundation is assisting the treatment staff in providing laptops and/or hot spots for patients who would not otherwise be able to participate in the telehealth program.

Employee Assistance

Employee health and proper staffing are of the utmost importance in order to maintain exceptional patient care during this time. In addition to a mandatory daily self-assessment and proper use of personal protective equipment according to CDC guidelines, our leadership team has been identifying available child care options so employees can come to work knowing that their children are being cared for while schools are closed.