Kettle Moraine High School “Promote a Promise” Club Spreads Warmth to Patients

The holiday season at Kettle Moraine High School’s “Promote a Promise” Club is marked not only by festive decorations but also by a heartwarming initiative to support those in need. With their donation to Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s annual “Give for a Better Day” Holiday Gift Drive, the club is helping to make a difference in the lives of patients receiving treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health. Led by Kettle Moraine School Counselor, Katie Kirnberger, the club’s initiative aims to spread warmth and support to those navigating mental health challenges during this Holiday season.

Every gift donated to the “Give for a Better Day” Holiday Gift Drive holds profound significance. These tokens of care and goodwill are given to the over 800 patients receiving life-changing mental health treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health during the holiday season. For these individuals, navigating mental health treatment is an ongoing challenge, and the holiday season, often a time for family and togetherness, can intensify feelings of separation and isolation, as it often means our patients are separated from their families and loved ones.

Kirnberger shared the club’s motivation, stating, “We chose to participate in the Holiday Drive because our group focuses on raising money through various fundraisers and using that money to better support mental health organizations in the area. We have worked with NAMI of SE WI in the past but wanted to focus on Rogers this holiday season. We chose Rogers as it is located within our Kettle Moraine community and services many of our students and peers. It is important for us to spread holiday cheer when individuals are going through a difficult time.”

The “Promote a Promise” Club’s dedication stems from a shared understanding within their school community.

Kirnberger notes, “We have no direct ties to Rogers, but many of our students either know someone who has utilized services through Rogers or they themselves have utilized Rogers’ services.”

To rally support within the school, the club employed an array of methods, “Our group members created posters that we hung around the school to promote the drive,” Kirnberger explained. “It was important that we reached families in our community, so we included it as a flyer within our daily announcements. Gifts were collected here at the high school.”

Katie Kirnberger reflected on the heartening response from the Kettle Moraine community, stating, “The best part of donating to the Holiday Gift Drive is seeing how supportive our Kettle Moraine community is of donating and participating in these activities. The Kettle Moraine community truly cares about helping others and coming together to give back.”

Their collaboration with Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation represents more than just a donation drive; it symbolizes a collective effort to uplift and support those navigating mental health challenges during the holiday season. Through their compassion and generosity, the “Promote a Promise” Club and the wider Kettle Moraine community are spreading warmth and hope to those who need it most.