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Improving the lives of our patients on a personal level

When it comes to mental health treatment, incidental treatment costs, such as transportation, childcare, or lost wages stretch many families beyond a breaking point – regardless of income bracket.

When it comes to the road to recovery, Rogers understands there are moments when reducing even the smallest impediment can make a constructive difference. That is why clinical teams at Rogers’ programs across the country can have their patient apply to the Foundation’s Angel Fund when they see that an individual or family is struggling financially during treatment.

The Angel Fund goes a long way in providing for the basic necessities of life and easing financial burdens that may accompany the road to recovery. The Angel Fund is proof that little things can make a BIG difference!

Daily expenses inhibit treatment

2022 Poll of Wisconsin Adults, Altarum Healthcare Value Hub’s Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey

The need grows

In 2021, the Foundation distributed $22,000 in Angel Fund requests. In 2022, that number grew to $425,000.
We expect the need for assistance will continue to increase.

Improve the lives of our patients on a personal level

There are times when even a minor financial concern can seem unsurmountable on the journey to recovery. You can help. Your donation to the Angel Fund will assist current patients at Rogers in the following ways:

Hotel Expenses

Bringing a child or adolescent to residential or inpatient treatment can be both hopeful and heartbreaking. For some parents, this angst is compounded by the financial stress of how to pay for a hotel stay related to this admission process. Other times, specialized treatment at Rogers is hundreds of miles from home and the costs associated with lodging located near treatment make access to care impossible. These are the type of instances when clinicians step in and help their patient reach out to Rogers Foundation and apply for an Angel Fund gift to cover hotel stays.

Living Expenses

When your mind is focused on an overdue utility bill or how to pay for groceries that week, it makes it difficult to concentrate on treatment and sometimes impossible to remain in Rogers’ care for the recommended length of stay. Requests for seemingly small daily expenses can make all the difference in the world in maintaining life at home AND achieving long-term recovery.

Nobody should have to choose between seeking care and putting food on the table!

Rent or supporting living housing

Addiction recovery takes fortitude. It can also take a place to live while moving through recovery. Angel Fund requests can lend assistance with rent or related costs associated with sober living facilities.

Travel Expenses

The Foundation frequently receives requests for help with travel expenses—especially as travel costs continue to soar. Angel Fund assistance can include gas cards to help pay for daily commutes to treatment or airline, train, and bus tickets to help patients return home after treatment. We also help patients’ families with travel arrangements so they may come to visit their loved one while in treatment or take part in a family therapy session.

Clinic/Program Requests

Rogers’ treatment teams will also reach out to the Foundation for requests that benefit their overall programs. These requests can be as simple as new stuffed animals for the children on the inpatient unit or musical instruments for teens in one of our residential programs. Art supplies and games are also in high demand.

A note from Dr. Park

“I’ve worked for some prestigious behavioral health providers over the years, yet none of them offered anything equivalent to the Angel Fund for their patients. The Foundation’s donor-supported Angel Fund is evidence of Rogers’ commitment to the well-being and recovery of its patients and their families.”
Jennifer Park, PhD
Executive Director of Clinical Services - Outpatient Services at Rogers Behavioral Health

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Research. Awareness. Education. Activism. Encouragement. Hope. You have the power to save lives! By standing up in the fight against mental health and addiction challenges, you are telling the world that there is no place in this world for stigma. There is hope. By donating your time and resources, you are telling those in need that you support them. They are not alone. Together, we can make a difference!