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Reducing stigma in our communities

Stigma is a significant barrier not only in seeking treatment, but in finding fulfillment and success in relationships, school, work, and more.

At Rogers, our goal is to eliminate the stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination that make up the stigma of mental health, resulting in more people feeling empowered to receive life-saving treatment.

Through our Community Learning and Engagement department, Rogers impacts thousands of lives across work, civic, faith, and school communities in Wisconsin and beyond. Here are a few examples:

  • Create and maintain a complete video library of people sharing their stories of hope and recovery to increase understanding of mental health disease
  • Facilitate a state-wide coalition of 80+ organizations and individuals working together to reduce the stigma of mental illness in Wisconsin. This coalition is called WISE (Wise Initiative for Stigma Elimination)
  • Support children’s mental health in schools by creating web-based resources and training for teachers and for the Department of Public Instruction
  • Provide consultation and training for community partnership projects such as Mental Health in the Workplace (MHA), as well as faith organizations and neighborhood networks in Milwaukee

Help us end stigma by listening to people with a lived experience, telling a story about recovery, bringing the conversation into your community, and wearing lime green (the color of mental health and awareness) to create curiosity.

“When my husband lost his battle with alcoholism and depression, my kids and I dealt with a lot of whispering and pointing. We talked about how their dad had a disease that overtook him. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

Then I attended a Foundation event featuring Trenni Kusnierek and her battle with depression. I wasn’t prepared for the impact of that presentation. It solidified to me how much Rogers is needed. I knew I wanted to help!”


NOW is the time!

One mother’s story on improving understanding of mental illness.

Learn more about mental health and addiction challenges and the work of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation on our YouTube channel.