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The Foundation assists the hospital in implementing the latest and most successful treatment methods by funding creative programming and staff education opportunities.

Donations to this area allow the treatment team to increase the level of patient care by funding additional services, training, or other accessories that may extend beyond the program itself.

For example:

Transitional Support Program Materials (educational videos and workbooks) were created in conjunction with the Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Program at Rogers. The materials served as a resource for:

  • School staff
  • Community health providers
  • Family support organizations to help answer questions regarding levels of treatment
  • Parents’ role in treatment
  • How to prepare for the end of treatment
  • and more


The goal of this program was twofold: 1) to allow these groups to feel more comfortable referring patients for treatment and 2) to help children successfully re-integrate back to their schools after discharge.

The Foundation also supplied therapeutic tools to teachers and funded training on how they can use these tools in the classroom. This included: weighted blankets, stress balls, inspirational bracelets and bendy snakes.

“Living in Alaska, the most difficult part in our journey was leaving our 11 year old in Wisconsin, knowing we wouldn’t be able to see her for an extended period of time. When we heard about the Foundation’s support of a new program using an Apple iPad and secure video conferencing technology, we knew we had to help. Not only did we make a gift to help fund this program, but we helped test the technology to make sure it worked. We’d like to personally thank the Foundation for helping join families together from near and far!” — Jeff, Patty and Christina

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