Rogers staff deliver tokens of remembrance, comfort, and solidarity

In the heart of Rogers Behavioral Health, where dedication to patient well-being is a daily commitment, the holiday season unveils a different kind of care. It’s a time when the staff’s tireless efforts, already devoted to healing, take on an extra glow of compassion. Despite their relentless dedication within the facility’s walls, these remarkable individuals extend their reach further, embracing the essence of giving through their earnest participation in the Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s annual Holiday Gift Drive. They wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of giving, ensuring that every one of the 800 patients across Wisconsin, irrespective of age or level of care, experienced the joy of the season.

"God has been good to me and sharing His blessings with others is an act of both obedience and appreciation for all that He has done for me. The personal satisfaction is my favorite part of participating."
Stephen Fletcher with his wife, Terri
Career Plannning and Development Consultant

Jaqueline Freeman, Manager of the Patient Financial Services team, shared her sentiments,

“I like the thought of others receiving a gift for the holidays, especially when away from home. Our team has a Funshine Committee, and we sent the list of needed items to all our staff.”

Their initiative spread warmth across the organization, inviting everyone on their team to be part of this meaningful endeavor.

For Steve Fletcher, a Career Planning and Development Consultant, the motivation stemmed from a profound sense of gratitude,

“God has been good to me and sharing His blessings with others is an act of both obedience and appreciation for all that He has done for me. The personal satisfaction is my favorite part of participating.”

Sue Benzine, a dedicated Mental Health Technician, understands the significance of these gestures for residents, stating,

“It is difficult for Residents to spend holidays in Treatment. Any show of ‘caring’ for them sends them the message they’re remembered. I love knowing that the residents will feel remembered.”

The Marketing and Communications team, led by Anne Ballentine, Vice President, felt deeply connected to Rogers’ mission and patients’ needs.

“Participating in the Foundation’s holiday drive is a way to give more directly to our patients at a time of year that must be difficult for them. It warms my heart to be part of this. Doing this as a team is special, and thinking about kids getting gifts while in our care is truly rewarding,” Anne expressed.

Deb Brown, a Senior Digital Marketing Communications Specialist, emphasized the importance of support during challenging times, saying,

“We believe in the Mission of Rogers, and what better time to show support than during the holiday season when people are away from their loved ones getting the help they need? My favorite part was joining with members of my team to support the Mission outside of our everyday work.”

Their collective dedication, woven with empathy and care, radiated through every donation, whether it was new toys, fidgets, coloring books, clothing, blankets, or monetary items. These gifts weren’t mere tokens; they were heartfelt messages of remembrance, comfort, and solidarity.

For the patients at Rogers Behavioral Health, these gifts aren’t just material items. They’re beacons of hope, reminding them that they’re not alone on their journey towards healing. They represent the unwavering support of a community that cares deeply.

The commitment of Rogers Behavioral Health staff echoes the essence of the holiday season—spreading joy, kindness, and love to those who need it most. Their actions transcend job descriptions; they embody the spirit of compassion and empathy, lighting up the lives of others and creating a holiday season filled with warmth and care.