Supporters of Rogers Foundation shop for good at Kendra Scott

Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation is proud to have been chosen as a philanthropic partner by Kendra Scott to host a Kendra Gives Back event on December 4-5, 2020.

For 48 hours, friends of the Foundation were invited to shop online at with 20% of the sales coming back to the Foundation as a charitable gift. It was a wonderful way to check a few people off one’s shopping list while giving back to a good cause.

Throughout the year, charities are selected to hold a Kendra Gives Back event based on their ability to “help women and children live their brightest, healthiest and most empowered lives.” The Foundation’s mission encompasses this objective by funding initiatives that not only improve the lives of women and children, but improve the lives of anyone with mental health and addiction challenges.

As a national jewelry store with a strong online presence, the Kendra Scott event aligned well with Rogers Behavioral Health’s national presence, allowing friends and supporters from all over the United States to come together for a singular cause: mental health.

Every piece of jewelry purchased from the event is a symbol of the importance of mental health and wellness. The Foundation is grateful to have received almost $500 from the event, which will directly support patient care at Rogers.

Pictured: Olivia proudly wears her Kendra Scott necklace as a symbol of the importance of mental health for women and children everywhere.