20th Annual Women’s Gathering

Hope becomes real: Rogers' spiritual care supported by Women's Gathering

Funded entirely by Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation, Rogers’ Spiritual Care Program will use the  $55,000 raised at the 20th annual Women’s Gathering to consult with patients, lead group sessions, and offer another source of hope as patients go through the treatment process.

The May 21 gathering, themed “Faith it ’till you make it: Embracing safety, trust, and healing from the inside out” welcomed more than 244 guests and featured a welcome receiption with boutique shopping, a delicious lunch, and a program that offered a deep dive into how spiritual care can impact a patient’s recovery journey.

The program included presentations from all four of the Spiritual Care Program’s team members, including highlights from manager Christine Dawley, MS, LPC, invocation from Reverend Ken Lenz, PhD, a mindfulness activity from intern Kelly Edwards, MSW, and a mission moment from Jeromy J. Wells, DMin, BCC, RYT, USAF ret.

The year 2024 marks the 27th year of Spiritual Care at Rogers, growing from a small pilot program at one location to a department that makes thousands of contacts each year at Oconomowoc, West Allis, and Brown Deer locations.

“Rogers’ Spiritual Care is on track to have one of our most effective years yet, which means even more patients will experience needed spiritual encouragement, support, and compassion,” Christine said in her speech. “It is important to remember behind every number is a person with a heart and soul, often at one of the toughest times in their life. Their world has become unmanageable, and they look to Rogers and Spiritual Care as light in the storm. 

In Dr. Wells’ speech, he noted how the spiritual care is available to patients, no matter what spirituality means to them or what name they might give a higher power. Dr. Wells shared two stories working with patients: one who believed in God, and one who found hope through the universe itself.

“Everyone deserves access to quality, evidenced-based holistic mental health care.  We have our own motivations, hopes, and reasons for being here, but we are One Rogers and part of the same mission. Our focus is our patients, and our purpose is for their holistic health and wellness. Your spiritual care department is a part of that process by guarding the sacred space for spiritual healing from the inside out. Our daily presence allows us to engage in ways others cannot. And when we do our part, of holding gently the sacred space needed for internal healing, then hope becomes real,” Dr. Wells said in closing. “Thank you for supporting us and what we do.  We couldn’t do it without you.”

Christine Dawley, MS, LPC, Spiritual Care Manager, gives an update about the Spiritual Care Program.

Jeromy Wells, DMin, BCC, RYT, USAF ret., presents “Faith it till you make it: Healing from the inside out.”

Kelly Edwards, MSW, leads a mindfulness moment (forward to 3:03).


Reverend Ken Lenz, PhD, delivers the invocation.