Our Work: Patient Care Grants

Granting opportunities for a full recovery

Much like physical illness, mental health and addiction challenges have physical markers and physical symptoms, and like physical illness, proper treatment is essential to mental health recovery.

Patient Care Grants are available as funding allows for established patients at Rogers Behavioral Health who have faced a denial in insurance coverage and who lack personal resources to cover further treatment. Clinical and financial guidelines apply. Current patients can inquire about the application process with their treatment team.

Yet in the United States, there are huge inequities between medical and mental health insurance coverage. This can make it next to impossible for those suffering from mental health and addiction challenges to receive the level of care needed to regain healthy and productive lives.

Variable insurance coverage
Part of this is due to insurers definitions of “recovery.” In many instances, insurance only pays for a limited scope and time period for mental health treatment, resulting in the treatment process being cut short. Without being given time to gain the skills needed to sustain long-term recovery, a premature and abrupt end to treatment can create a crisis-stabilization-crisis cycle that is difficult for many people to overcome.

Limited personal resources
To stem this tide, the Foundation provides free treatment to families who have limited insurance as well as for those whose personal resources are depleted. Stories of garage and estate sales, second mortgages, and draining retirement funds are not unusual. This financial assistance program puts patients first by providing free treatment to those in need.

Rogers’ intensive outpatient and residential programs are known for their successful outcomes, but for those lack the financial resources to complete the program, it can be a major stumbling block to making life worth living. Grants are initiated by a patient’s treatment team and are available to those who meet the criteria established by the Foundation.

For patients who receive a grant, it is a life-changing gift. Being able to receive appropriate amount of treatment can mean all the difference in sustain recovery for a lifetime. Your donation will help us ensure that we will have funding available, enabling us to respond to a greater number of patients and families.

A former patient of Rogers’ Trauma Recovery program and grant recipient, Jacqueline was able to start law school and not have to simultaneously worry about getting an additional job to pay the portion of the bill that insurance did not cover.

Jacqueline is a first-generation law student, something that would not have been possible without the treatment she received at Rogers.

Read her note of thanks.

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