A poem of beauty and self love for the new year

Written by Eve Fitzsimmons,
Former marketing and graphic design intern at Rogers Foundation
(Posted with permission.)

Here’s to 2021 in poem style. 

I stood on a ledge today
over pounding tides in my favorite
winter-grey color,
my face held to my sky
entranced by
this gift of snowflakes
placed against my skin
melting into the tears
I can never seem to cry
when I need to.
My breath catches in
this sacred place
as it has
in every season I’ve bowed to it’s
I realize now
it is beauty
that keeps my heart beating
when my eyes grow colorblind
to hope
and I resolve that
the day I cannot find
is the day
I don’t want to be here.
These pinnacles of wisdom
surrounding me
wind, wave, tree, ice,
are Beauty in their moment,
content in Breath,
at peace with Life,
a Masterpiece in every season
and in every position of the sun.
This place, this year,
this body of mine have taught me
that my life-beauty
lives best when following
Nature and her magic’s
gentle example.
I do believe that
as long as there
is beauty to be found in the world
I think
I know
I will be ok.
This one thing
am I positively sure of:

I was born
to find beauty.

/beauty is in grey too
I hold no fear for this coming year./

(Also I’ve never like my smile, my body, or my mind until this year so that’s pretty cool.

And I love these no makeup pictures of me.

And I love my blue hair.

And I’m so proud of myself for all I’ve overcome and become this year.

And I’m proud of me for saying all that bc hey it’s so healthy to boast some self love, my loves. 💜