Grateful patient families make LimeLight program a success

Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s LimeLight program achieved record-setting success by receiving its highest number of nominations in a single year for 2021.

Fifty-one team members were recognized by former patient families, resulting in almost $2,500 in donations, according to Stacey Basile, development and marketing manager for the Foundation.

“This program really speaks to how grateful patients and families are for the care they receive at Rogers,” she says. “They want to give back. LimeLight gives them a voice to share their gratitude, and helps future families receive the same exceptional care through their donation.”
Since its inception in 2015, the LimeLight program has seen 149 team members recognized for their exceptional work, which includes employees from nearly every Rogers location.

Gifts from families range in size from $5 to $1,500, with the average around $25. Money raised through the LimeLight program helps provide grants for free treatment, contributes toward stigma reduction programming in the community, funds research, assists with personal needs to aid recovery, and sustains the spiritual care and canine-assisted intervention programs.

Chloe Tauber, a therapist in Appleton who was honored as part of the LimeLight program, says that “working in a position where I can help patients learn how to manage their mental health in an effective way is very rewarding. Having a patient decide to donate to the Foundation and recognize the work you did with them feels even more rewarding.”

Her LimeLight recognition reads:

“I’m not even sure where to begin. How do you give the proper thanks to someone who not only saved your life but gave you hope? Without Chloe, my life and outlook on my future would be bleak. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance. Thank you, Chloe.”

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