Hartford Union H-Club exemplifies holiday spirit through giving

Every holiday season, we at Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation are continuously moved as we witness the kind of compassion, generosity, and unity that embodies the holiday spirit through donations to our annual “Give for a Better Day” Holiday Gift Drive. Groups like the Hartford Union High School H-Club exemplify this spirit, going above and beyond to offer support and care to our patients, recognizing the unique challenges individuals face when seeking treatment during the holiday season.

Amidst the festive cheer, the H-Club made an unforgettable contribution to the gift drive. Their donation, a large assortment of new, unused toys, blankets, socks, coloring and activity books, and a generous check of $1,500, embodies the essence of compassion and support for patients receiving mental health treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health across the state of Wisconsin.

For the more than 800 patients in treatment at Rogers facilities throughout Wisconsin, the holiday season can bring unique challenges. Separation from loved ones while focusing on life-changing treatment can evoke feelings of loneliness and longing. However, the heartfelt donations from groups like the H-Club soften these emotions, bringing comfort and joy to those in need.

Kristen Helms, Advisor of the Hartford Union H-Club, expressed the profound impact of this collaboration: 

“Every year, H-Club conducts a charity drive, and this year, as we pondered our charity choice, an email from Rogers arrived. Witnessing firsthand the effects of the pandemic, social pressures, and the challenges teens face, supporting an organization dedicated to mental health felt right.”

The initiative was embraced wholeheartedly by the H-Club, with a meaningful engagement across the entire school of about 1,350 students. The collection of comfort items, gift cards, and monetary donations became a collective effort.

“We turned it into a spirited contest,” Helms added. “The top donating classes were rewarded with an ice cream party, courtesy of H-Club. Social media, posters, and daily announcements helped spread the word, while H-Club members personally visited classes, sharing the drive’s purpose and collecting gifts.”

The culmination of this drive was not just the donation itself, but the touching moment when H-Club members presented these heartfelt gifts to Rogers.

“My favorite part was watching our student athletes give the gifts to the representative from Rogers.” Helms added, “They represent the many students at our school who have relied on the services provided by Rogers.”

The impact of Hartford Union High School H-Club’s generosity extends far beyond the tangible items donated. Their empathy and dedication have provided moments of comfort and happiness to individuals facing challenges during this festive period. We at the Foundation recognize and deeply appreciate this thoughtful contribution, acknowledging that such support is the cornerstone of brightening the holiday season for our patients.

To the members of the Hartford Union High School H-Club and their entire community of students, your kindness has illuminated the lives of many this holiday season. Your compassion echoes within the walls of Rogers Behavioral Health, bringing warmth and hope to those who need it most. Thank you for being beacons of generosity and empathy. Your gift truly embodies the spirit of the season.