Christine Toson’s Board Commitment and Tribute Companies’ Holiday Donation

In a heartwarming demonstration of compassion, The Tribute Companies, Inc. has woven a tapestry of warmth and generosity for Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s “Give for a Better Day” Holiday Gift Drive. Their contribution, rooted in personal connections and a resolute commitment to uplifting those in need, radiates a profound sense of empathy and community spirit.

Christine Toson, President/CEO of The Tribute Companies, Inc. and a valued member of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, holds a relationship to Rogers that fuels her support for the drive.

“With my personal connection to Rogers and my commitment to the Foundation Board, it is a natural way to try to make a difference over the holidays,” shared Christine, underscoring her heartfelt commitment to the cause.

The Tribute Companies, Inc. isn’t merely a corporate entity extending support; it’s a family where some employees have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of Rogers Behavioral Health’s services on their friends, neighbors, and loved ones. This intimate connection fuels their dedication to its mission.

“All four of our locations in Wisconsin have a collection box in their offices,” said Christine. “We’ve done email blasts to our clients, customers, and employees encouraging them to donate. In addition, we have three remembrance programs in December, at which we are encouraging attendees to bring in gifts.”

For The Tribute Companies, Inc., participating in the Holiday Drive isn’t solely about the tangible gifts; it’s about amplifying voices and sparking vital conversations.

“Our favorite part of participating in the Holiday Drive is telling the story about why we want to participate. It’s a great way to reduce stigma and encourage feelings of acceptance and empowerment when seeking help for our challenges,” Toson expressed.

The Tribute Companies, Inc.’s embrace of Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s cause, guided by Christine Toson’s dedicated involvement on the Foundation Board, is a testament to their belief that collective empathy and action can illuminate even the darkest of paths. Their heartfelt support illuminates the journey toward a more compassionate and supportive community for individuals undergoing mental health treatment.

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